Air Bubbles In Candles

Air Bubbles In Candles

I Have Air Bubbles In My Candles!

How To Prevent Air Bubbles When Making Container Candles

Candles are romantic and making them is fun and easy. However, compared to a votive making a container candle can be little tricky and one must take care of a few basic things for a smooth, beautiful candle. The most common problem with the container candles are air bubbles, which may not just spoil the look and feel of the candle but can also dilute the effect of the candlelight, reduce the length of its life and can cause flickering. However, with a few simple tricks you can prevent air bubbles from forming into your container candle. Here’s a guide on how to prevent air bubbles in candles.

Watch the temperature:  Air bubbles in container candles are caused mainly due to temperature problems. Never use a cold container to pour hot wax into it as it will cause bubbles on the bottoms and sides of the candle. The best way to prevent air bubbles is to preheat the glass jar before pouring the wax into it. Although, it is difficult to measure the exact temperature, preheating the glass container to around 160 to 190 degrees in an oven can save your candle from unsightly air bubbles.

Avoid movement:  Another reason for air bubbles in container candles is a jerk or movement soon after pouring the wax into it. Movement and shakes will cause air bubbles at the center and the illumination and life of the candle will be affected, the candle will not burn well. Therefore, avoid moving containers with jerks once you finish pouring hot wax into it.

Give your container a water bath:  Although, you must try and avoid a movement after pouring the wax into a container, a water bath soon after ensures a glossy and smooth body for the candle. Fill the sink with hot water and put the container filled with hot wax into it. Let the water cool to room temperature and remove the jar.

Liquid Scent may be the culprit:  One of the common reasons for the air bubbles is the presence of water in the wax or in the scent liquid that you are using for the fragrance. The liquid scent that does not blend with the wax will certainly cause air bubbles. Also, avoid putting too much of liquid fragrance into the wax. Make sure to get a good quality scent that blends with the wax to avoid spoiling the candle due to air bubbles and pits.

Add 1 percent vybar to your paraffin: Apart from aforementioned, there can be several other causes that can result in air bubbles. However, many of these problems can be solved by simply adding 1 percent of vybar to your paraffin wax. This addition may lighten the actual color that you intend to have and you may have to add more color to the wax, but this will certainly keep the pits and bubbles away. And no, adding vybar will not affect the speed and intensity of the candle light.

Candle making is an art, but you need to deploy a little science for picture-perfect results. I hope your candles will be bubble-free after using these tricks. Keep creating the candle magic!

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