Create Candles at Home

Create Candles at Home

Let’s create candles at home!

How I started making candles at home.

Several years ago I was shopping for candles and I was floored at the price of a candle.  I could not understand how something so small cost so much.  This really bothered me for some reason and I began to do some digging on the subject.  One day, while walking through the local hobby store, I ran across a candle making kit.  I looked at the directions and decided it was something I could do.  I could make candles at home.

Well it was a disaster.  I did not understand anything about temperature or second pours.  I made a mess everywhere with the coloring.  It was just not good at all.  I still knew there had to be a better way.  I started doing more online research and after some time I was confidently making candles in my kitchen; for a fraction of the cost of retail!

Now it’s about 6 years later and I am still making candles at home on a regular basis.  I make them for home, family, and friends.  I also had a good little following at the local flea market.  What I want to do here is pass on to you all the things that I had to dig so much for.  I hope you learn something, and I’m sure I will learn something new as well.

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